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Hush Companions is a dependable effective one stop date for hire directory website of both male and female companions. All the companions on our site are verified and chosen for an incredibly special reason and all profiles are 100% real and all clients’ tastes and requirements have been accommodated for.

We have found that categorizing our companions into distinct categories it provides a time effective solution for you to find your perfect date for hire. Both men and women of all ages and sexual orientations utilize our service to find ultimate encounters and contentment.

To have full access to our companions you will need to register with us. We offer our companions and clients complete confidentiality and discretion. We aim to provide you with a date for hire that will meet all your expectations and more. Bookings must be 24 hours in advance or more.

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Hush Social Companions

Our Social companions are non sexual escorts male and female that are available for social events only. All are available to accompany you to any gatherings you may require from business functions, sporting events to social dinners or a nice quiet movie or show. You will find many of our social companions are well educated, career minded, sophisticated with dazzling personalities, impeccable manners, and impressive social skills. Our companions are always well presented on time and dependable. Having the undivided attention of an attractive and intelligent companion by your side can make any gathering more pleasurable and satisfying.

Hush Private Companions

Private companions are available for the more intimate bookings. Should you require a meeting at your home or at a hotel, our companions can play out your fantasies as you desire. We pride ourselves on always having a companion who can give you exactly what you need. You will find all our companions are professional in every aspect, especially confidentiality. Our companions are professionals themselves wanting nothing more than to turn your fantasies and theirs into reality. We have both male and female companions ready for selection and include a mixture of nationalities, ages, Shapes, and sizes.

Must Be 18 Years Or Older

Hush LGBTQ+ Companions & Private Companions

With the increasing openness of the gay community LGBTQ+ companions have never been more popular. We recognize a huge demand, not only for those who represent the LGBT+ community but also individuals who like to use our services to explore different avenues of their sexuality for the first time. You will find many services available from non sexual companions to private bookings.

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