If you are looking to offer your services as an independent non sexual escort or private escort, we are always looking for individuals to join Hush Companions. Some of the benefits include getting paid to date fun and interesting clients, going to amazing venues and events to meeting new contacts who can help advance you or offer guidance in your own career or study's.

The Type of Companions We are Looking For

  • Must be 18 yrs or older
  • Always impeccably presented, well-mannered and on time
  • Do you have a positive and friendly personality
  • Do you like meeting new people
  • Are you a good listener and can adapt to your sundering’s
  • Are you bilingual
  • Do you enjoy nice bars and restaurants and social events
  • Are you looking for an extra income join Hush Companions

We offer non sexual escorts and private escorts to advertise their services on our website. All our companions are independent escorts working exclusively for themselves. No matter which type of companion you choose to be, your profile will still be seen by thousands of potential clients. When a client has booked you, the booking will come into our main system for your security, we then take a screenshot of the booking a forward the booking to you via email.

We do not take a percentage of your earnings. As an Independent Escort you keep 100% of any booking earnings you take.If you have further questions regarding on how to become a non sexual companion private escort, please feel free to contact us person.